Most Expensive Coin in the World: Top 10 Rarest Items

Most Expensive Coin in the World

The most expensive coin in the world are the most valuable and rarest items that fascinate collectors and fans. In this blog post, you will explore the world’s top ten most expensive coins. This list will spark your curiosity and offer a glimpse into the world of precious and uncommon coins. In this article, you will discover top tier or most expensive coins list with their record price. 

Most Expensive Coin in the World

The top ten most expensive coin in the world are fascinating and rare that come from the historical Chinese system to the United States’ official first coin. This article enhances your curiosity by offering an overview into the world of precious and uncommon coins. 

Many collectors gather coins because they feel happy by knowing about the hidden storey and history of this treasure. If you want to know regarding the most expensive coins and their price then you have to explore this site. 

1933 Double Eagle

In 1933, the United States created the Double Eagle gold coin. This currency was removed from circulation later that year after more than 400,000 copies were produced. Even though a sizable quantity of coins were made, they were not put into circulation; most of them were melted down, and a tiny portion were also removed and unexpectedly bought by collectors.

Some of the taken coins were later burned and recovered from the Fengtian Province, which produced different denominations of currency. As a result, the number of pieces is thought to be less than 15, with one of them selling for an extraordinary $7.59 million in 2002. Right now, Fort Knox is dedicated to ten exceptional coins, while the United States National Numismatic Collection houses two more.

Name1933 Double Eagle
Value$18.9 million 
Mass33.431 g

1794 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar

This specimen of Green Contursi-Cardinal sold for $8.5 million at Stack’s Bowers Galleries on January 24, 2013, in New York City. This is an international record for the selling of a single coin. The United States federal government is credited with issuing the first dollar, the flowing Hair Silver Dollar.

The Bank of America was founded in 1792, and during its first two years of operation, it created copper coins and trials.

The First silver dollar, named Flowing Hair, was produced in 1794. The remarkable quality of this copy comes from the fact that it was never distributed and was preserved in its original state for over 200 years. It is 2mm thick, 27 grams in weight, and 35mm in diameter. This coin has 10.8% copper and 89.2% silver. An eagle and a bust of liberty are carved on the reverse and opposite, respectively.

Name1794 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar
Value$12 million
Mass26.96 g

1787 Brasher Doubloon

“Ephraim Brasher,” the coin’s namesake, produced the Brasher Doubloon Gold Coin in 1787. When the New York State legislature denied his appeal to mint new copper coins, Brasher entirely crafted this coin of gold on his terms with copper coins. There are several variations, all of which have Basher’s signature.

One coin, which included the signature on the eagle’s breast, sold for an amazing $7.4 million in 2011. However, others with marks on the eagle’s breast collected £4.5 million after three years. There are only a couple of these coins today. Some coinage experts, such as Q. David Bowers and Henry Chapman, consider this coin to be the most valuable in the world.

Name 1787 Brasher Doubloon
Value$9.6 million
Weight26.66 g
Diameter 29.2 mm

1804 Half Eagle

1804 Half Eagle coin when divided into two major varieties, each one is more confined than the other Half Eagles of this time, except 1806 Pointed 6. In all grades, the 1806 Small 8 is obtainable, and with some regularity, gems are encountered. 

The date’s fourth digit is clearly repunched in one significant subvariety. It is noticeable enough for most cataloguers to draw attention to it, but even though it is rarer than the typical Small 8 variant, its price is not higher.

Name1804 Half Eagle
Value$8.4 million
Weight8.75 grams
Diameter25 mm

1861 Paquet Liberty Head double eagle

The 1861 Paquet Liberty Head double eagle is among the storied and most favored coin in US coinage. The mint’s assistant, Anthony C. Paquet in 1860, for the double eagle produced a new reverse. It was characterized by a very narrow rim and tall lettering. Due to the narrowness of the border, it was decided at the start of 1861; this design wouldn’t fit well.

By the time 1861, new reverse double eagles had been struck and released into circulation. The Paquet Liberty Head double eagle series is long, measuring nearly six decades. But it is dotted with numerous low-mintage rarities. 

It mostly lacks many design variations, differences, and errors. With a limited mintage and a noteworthy design variation by the overlooked but fascinating Mint designer Anthony C. Paquet, it is a numismatic rarity.

Name1861 Paquet Liberty Head double eagle
Value $7.2 million
Weight33.40 g

1903 Fengtien Tael

The 1903 Fengtien tael, a trial coin that is not in usage, and was created as a model. The Krause Mischler identifier for this 1903 coin is KM-PnA15. In the past centuries, China has used two monetary systems: the dollar system and the cash system. In the dollar system, 100 cents equals one dollar, and 10 cash equals one cent. 

In the Cash system, actual conversion rates are altered with location or time, and 1000 cash equals one tael. The province of Fengtien created various cash and dollar coins. However, just one tael coin was produced.

Name1903 Fengtien Tael
Weight26.7 g
Value$6.9 million

1343 Edward III Florin

In 1344, King Edward III introduced the Gold Florine coin, also referred to as the “Double Leopard”. It was intended to be a form of legal tender throughout Europe with a face value of just 6 shillings, but circulation was withdrawn after just a couple of months.

The design of the coin shows an image of the Royal Cross on the obverse, the king on his throne, with the head of a Leopard to his right and left, on the opposite side.

In the history of British numismatics, it was acknowledged as the rarest coin. Three of these coins are known to exist. Two are currently exhibited in the British Museum. One is owned privately and was sold for about $850,000 or 480,000 pounds in July 2006.

Name1343 Edward III Florin
Weight6.998 g
Value$6.8 million

1794 Flowing Hair dollar

The Flowing Hair dollar is a precious coin for collectors. Some experts believe that It was minted by the United States Mint and is the first silver dollar coin. A few coins were made in 1758 for the first time and then in 1794. The reason that it is so valuable is because it is a rare one. There are only 6 surviving known examples of the currency.

The coin’s front features include Lady Liberty’s profile with flowing hair, while the opposite side shows an American eagle. These coins are extremely rare; fewer than 1,800 were ever made, and experts estimate that there are just 120-130 of them left.

Name1794 Flowing Hair dollar
Value$6.6 million

1881 $10 Proof Eagle – DCAM

In the series of Liberty head gold eagle coins, the 1881 $10 Proof Eagle struck from 1866 to 1907. It hit in Philadelphia, and it was classified as a Proof strike. This coin is made of 10% copper and 90% gold from a mintage of 40 hits. The design of the coin shows an image of Christian Gobrecht of Liberty that is surrounded by 13 stars, and at the bottom of the picture, the date is centered.

On the opposite side of the coin, a Heraldic eagle holding branches and arrows in his claws is made in the design with the words UNITED STATES OF AMERICA * FIVE D. around the outer edges. Under the claws of the eagle, mintmark is located.

Name1881 $10 Proof Eagle – DCAM
Value $5.2 million
Diameter 26.80 millimetres
Weight16.7 g

1913 Liberty Head nickel – 5 cents

In 1913, the Liberty Head nickel was issued and carried a value of just 5 cents. It is one of the most precious coins sold at the sale and holds the name of “most valuable non-precious metal coin”. Only a very tiny number of the coin made it through the production process, as it was made without the US Mint’s approval.

They all were owned by Samuel Brown, a former US Mint worker, and their existence was not widely known till 1920. In 1972, at a sale, one of these coins went on to become the first to achieve a sale value of $100,000. In 2010, only five coins were thought to be around today, with one selling for $3.7 million.

Name1913 Liberty Head nickel – 5 cents
Diameter21.21 mm
Value$5 million

Most Valuable Coins in Circulation

Most Valuable Coins in CirculationValues
The 1794 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar$6.6 million
The 1787 Brasher Doubloon$9.6 million
The 723 Umayyad Gold Dinar$4.6 million
The 1343 Edward III Florin$6.8 million
The 1943 Lincoln Head Copper Penny$1.75 million
The 2007 $1 Million Canadian Gold Maple Leaf$4 million
1913 Liberty Head V Nickel$5 million
Morgan Silver Dollars$100,000

What is the Rarest Coin?

Numismatics fans are delighted to locate so much wealth throughout the universe. For hundreds of years, various monetary systems have existed around the world. The top valuable and rarest coin names are One Flowing Hair Dollar, silver, 1794, A gold Umayyad Dinar, 723, Gold Brasher Doubloon, 1787, Double Eagle Twenty Dollars, Gold, 1933, A Silver Dollar with Draped Bust, 1804, One Million Canadian Gold Dollars, 2007, Turin Twenty Francs, 1932, etc.

One specimen is carefully preserved at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Numismatic Collections. Currently, the most precious and rarest coin in the world is the 1849 Double Eagle, with an estimated value of $20 million.


The most expensive coin in the world not only fascinates fans from a historical perspective but also provides financial support. The values associated with the world’s priciest coins demonstrate the enormous value that collectors and investors place on these priceless and rare items. These coins are now prized possessions that are worth more than their actual value.

A few factors play important roles in determining the value of a coin, such as rarity and historical significance. To surprise you, this post provides you with the 10 most expensive coins worldwide.

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