Most Expensive Charizard Card: Top-tier 10 valuable Notes

Most Expensive Charizard Card

Most expensive Charizard cards have been iconic cards for years till now for Trading Card Game (TCG). In this blog post, you will discover the 10 most expensive Charizard cards. For your convenience or ease, this post will provide extra information regarding each card, including the sale price. In this article, a list of top-tier charizard cards with their record price is also given so you don’t feel to go anywhere. 

Most Expensive Charizard Card

Most expensive Charizard cards will be explained in this article. The value of these cards depends on condition in which they are, or whether they have received a grade from an independent grading service like Beckett and PSA. 

About 100 multiple cards have been printed in English language. if you are searching to collect the most expensive Charizard cards and wish to see how the price of this Pokemon can fly high, then you should go through this post to hunt the desired one. 

1999 (1st Edition) Charizard Holo #4

1999 (1st Edition) Charizard Holo #4 is frequently called the Pokémon card’s Holy Grail. It holds a special position in the heart of the Pokémon collectors and fans, in PSA  virtually perfect condition. This card’s importance lies both in its uncommonness and in its role in shaping the franchise of the Pokémon. It is possible that Pokémon might not have achieved the popularity level it enjoys nowadays without Charizard. 

This is an initial English Charizard card; its historical importance is increased by this fact. In contrast to subsequent versions, it boasts a shadowless design and 1st edition stamp, making it a true gem for the collector. 

In evaluating its value, the PSA report plays an essential role. Only 124 out of 4,216 1st Edition Holo Charizard cards have obtained the desired PSA gem mint 10 grade. It is unique due to its rarity factor, with less than a 0.03% chance of receiving a PSA 10 grade. This set is incredibly rare compared to other collections.

In 1st Edition, Charizard is one of the greatest Pokémon cards to invest in terms of financial potential. Its sales prices steadily increased over the years. Gem Mint 10 copies sold for around $5,000 apiece, in 2016. After three years they are commanding prices as high as $240,000. The fact that most of the product has been opened and the low population of this card has brought attention to its rarity.

Name1999 (1st Edition) Charizard Holo #4
Card number #4

Charizard Star (Delta Species)

The Charizard Star stands out among other such cards of the time with its amazing black container exchange and unique printing of a shiny Charizard. It is also the first Charizard card to be found as a Dark-type Pokémon card rather than its typical Fire typing. 

Before playing it, you can use it without transforming it from a Charmander to the highest possible level because this Charizard is a Basic Pokémon. The Charizard’s unique spin as a delta species lends it a notable appearance and additional cool typing.

Name Charizard Star (Delta Species)
Card number 100/101
Price $18,100
Card Type Darkness

Legendary Collection Charizard Reverse

From Jungle, Fossil, Team Rocket, and Base Set Legendary Collection was a reprint set containing cards. It was not surprising that the most beloved card in the Legendary collection was also the cherished card, mostly from those collections. 

The set also debuted the Reverse Holofoil, as it is affectionately known. Holofoil cards were only foil over the art frame before the Legendary Collection. Reverse Holofoil cards received their title by being foil everywhere except the art frame. WotC, in the Legendary Collection, gave the Reverse Holofoil cards a texture that looks like a fireworks display to help the new treatment stand out even more. 

This is one of the few Pokémon cards that has a Reverse Holo variant which is more valuable and rare than its Holo form. Only 81 Reverse Holofoil versions of this card have been graded, according to PSA 10. This could account for the significant difference between ungraded and Gem Mint samples.

NameLegendary Collection Charizard Reverse
Release Date24th Mar 2002
Card number #3 
Price $15,000

Charizard – Skyridge (Sk)

Charizard-Skyridge (SK) is a truly amazing Pokémon that holds a particular place in the chronicles of Pokémon history. Skyridge is the last collection that was compatible with the Nintendo eReader and the last set that Wizards of the Coast issued before Nintendo officially assumed control of the Pokémon license. 

The card context states that until the end of the Turn, Charizard’s color will match the color of Energy when you attach a fire, lightning, or fighting basic Energy card to it from your hands. It consists of two attacks; in the first attempt 40 fireblasts occur and discard the Charizard’s attached Energy Card. In the second attack, the damage is 50 times the number of heads. Flip 2 coins.

NameCharizard – Skyridge (Sk)
Card number146/144
Rarity Secret Rare

Charizard – Expedition

The Pokémon TGC was published by Wizards Coast until the Expedition e-Card series ended in 2002. However, the entire series is best known for its dot codes, which worked with the Nintendo e-Reader. The First Charizard of the peculiar Series was this card. 

Five Japanese sets were combined to create three sets of the English e-Card Series, resulting in Expedition being the biggest Pokémon set at the time with 165 cards. With 186 and 182 cards, respectively, the other two sets in the series, Aquapolis or Skyriodge, topped that. Because of the sets’ size, rare cards from this Series frequently command higher prices than older cards from sets like Team Rocket. 

A non-holo version of this Charizard card numbered 40 was also included in the expedition. It came in reverse foil and regular printings and was far less expensive. By Hiromichi Sugiyama, both versions use the same art.

NameCharizard – Expedition
Card number006/165
RarityHolo Rare
Price $10,100

Shining Charizard From Pokemon Neo Destiny

Shining Charizard From Pokemon Neo Destiny was the first card to show a Shiny Charizard, Printed in English in 2002; because of this, fans of the Flame Pokémon are particularly drawn to it. 

As represented in this card, Charizard’s original Shiny coloring had a lavender tone, but starting in Gen III, this coloration was replaced by a darker, ash-black color. In New Destiny, Shining Charizard’s illustrator, Hironobu Yoshida, also illustrated Shining Celebi, Raichu, Kabutops, and Mewtwo.

NameShining Charizard From Pokemon Neo Destiny
Card number 105/107
Card RaritySecret Rare

Charizard  Xy Evolutions Prerelease

Charizard Xy Evolutions Prerelease is another popular card in the ungraded card market. This card has the advantage of being practically an exact reprint of the original base set Charizard, it is comparatively uncommon and had a smaller print run from being prerelease.

NameCharizard Xy Evolutions Prerelease
Card number11/108

Blaine’s Charizard, (1st Edition)

Blaine’s Charizard (1st Edition) has a few things to boost its value among collectors. First, there is an excellent chance that any given card copy will have one of two misprints. The first is on a few card versions; the Roaring Flame attack’s rules text will feature a Fighting Energy symbol in place of the proper Fire Energy sign. 

It will have a regular Fire Energy symbol if it doesn’t have that error, but the word Energy, instead of the correct capitalized one, will have a lowercase “e”.

The Fighting Energy edition has the lowercase “e” as well, but it is rare among cards that a mistake like this could go through the production process twice, as it happened in two variant print runs of the card.

NameBlaine’s Charizard, (1st Edition)
Card number002/132
RarityHolo Rare

Charizard Ex Full Art

The fantastic Charizard EX Full Art card shows a Charizard fighting fellow Kanto starter Venusaur and the iconic Grass-type Pokémon rival. For the Flashfire expansion, this card was released in 2014 as a promo. But it couldn’t be found in any collections and packs. 

In a Gym Leader Challenge event, only players participating at the Pokémon Center in Japan could receive this card.At the end of August 2014, Japan’s Gym Leader Challenge event lasted only a few weeks. This card, after collectors, quickly became a rare card sought.

NameCharizard Ex Full Art
Card number100/106
Rarity Ultra Rare

Skyridge Charizard Holo #146

The artwork in Skyridge Charizard Holo #146 is excellently detailed, attractive, and unique, making it a highly collectible set. The Charizard claws appear to pop off the card. On his face, he has a fierce look, a fiery tail, and a waving background.

NameSkyridge Charizard Holo #146
Card number#146

What Factors Determine the Value of a Charizard Card?

Various factors play an important role in affecting the value of a Charizard Card. But a few of them are described below.


Due to their high value, the lack of accessibility (scarcity) of certain Charizard cards plays a key role. With low population reports, limited cards and editions from grading authorities like PSA add to the rarity of the card and subsequently enhance its worth. 

Market trends and notable sales

Recently, several high sales of original Charizard cards have gained great popularity, showing the worth of these desirable items. The extraordinary record-breaking sale of 199 Charizard Pokémon cards shows the cost that these cards may command. 

Demand and popularity

The market value is greatly influenced by demand and popularity for Charizard cards. Expensive rates are charged for cards that collectors and fans highly desire, particularly for rare and iconic versions such as the first holographic Charizard variant.  

Gem Mint condition’s Rarity

Charizard cards scored as PSA 10 Gem Mint are particularly prized for their pristine state and rarity making them captivative for investors and collectors. 

How Does the Condition of a Charizard Card Affect Its Price?

When evaluating the worth of a Charizard card, its condition is the essential key. Because collectors highly seek PSA 10 Gem Mint cards and are rare, they commend substantially higher prices when they are in perfect condition. 

What Are the Record Sale Prices for Top-tier Charizard Cards?

Top Tier Charizard Card Record Sale Prices 
Dark Charizard$408.8 (Team Rocket)
Charizard (Shadowless)$435 (Base Set)
Charizard VMAX$455.2 (Prize Pack Series Card)
Charizard (Prerelease)$7,000
Charizard 136$608.80 (Plasma Storm)
Charizard ex$624.59 (FireRed & LeafGreen)
Charizard Star (Delta Species)$18,100 (Dragon Frontiers)
Blaine’s Charizard (1st Edition)$4,026
Shining Charizard 107$970 (Neo Destiny)
Charizard 146$3,095 


The most expensive Charizard cards have been some of the rarest things added to the collection of Pokémon’s fans. In this article, the top 10 most costly Charizard cards are included. The 1999 (1st Edition) Charizard Holo #4 has the highest record sale price among others. 

These cards captivate the hearts of young fans and serious collectors with their fierce, fiery, dragon-like designs. To enhance your knowledge this provides you with a list of Top-tier charizard cards in the above description.

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