Top 10 Most Expensive Hats In The World

Most expensive hats

Fashion is one of the main factors that make up the most expensive things in the world, when it comes to hats it is a completely different story. HATS have become so important, many people wear them to weddings and funerals and on special occasions. That is why there are some among us who will go to extreme lengths to buy those coveted crowns including spending outrageous amounts of money. Here’s our list of the top most expensive hats in the world for a number of reasons.

10) Michael Jackson`s Billie Jean Fedora

The Michael Jackson fedora hat was one among the many strange and interesting things MJ owned, like Bubbles the chimp, or the elephant man suit. However little this peculiar hat may seem to be worth a lot of money. The gentleman who bought it at auction gets a lot of attention when they wear it in public! This is because they would probably be one of only a few people on Earth who do so. Michael Jackson’s Billy Jean Fedora’s hat price are around $18,274.

Michael Jackson`s Billie Jean Fedora

9) Optimo Hats Panama Straw Hat

Optimo is basically a Chicago-based company of hats which comes with men`s custom hats introduced in the whole world today. It has two main outlets in the Windy City which has large and extended range of hats for the people. This cap is made from very fine woven straw, yellowish hat which has simple design. It has enhancing of vintage ribbon and colored silk used as the crown. The price of this beautiful product is $20,000.

Optimo Hats Panama Straw Hat

8) Brent Black`s Montecristi Panama Hats

Brent Black Panama Hats is a world renowned manufacturer of fine quality Panama hats. The “Montecristi” hat combines outstanding workmanship and materials that have made them one of most elite headwear manufacturers. There are many different varieties in their hat collection: handwoven Montecristi Straw hats, leather-bound hats or silk panama with ribbon trimming, colors range from blackberry purple to apple green. Prices start at $25,000.

Brent Black`s Montecristi Panama Hats

7) Honda Collection`s Big Wing Hat cap

The Honda Collection Big Wing Hat is a luxury hat created by Buffalo brand that uses buffalo hide and ostrich feathers. It took the company 18 different attempts before they were able to produce what would be known as the ‘world’s most expensive feather hat’. The purchase will not only set you back $53,000 but takes a team of 3 artisans two months to make.

Honda Collection`s Big Wing Hat cap

6) Charlie Chaplin Bowler Hat

The Charlie Chaplin Bowler Hat has been in the hearts of many since Charlie Chaplin first wore it in one of his films. It is not to be worn like normal bowler hats are worn, but it still functions as one should. This particular hat was donated by Charlie Chaplin and is on display at the Museum of Kentucky but has been sold to an auction house for about 62k bucks.

Charlie Chaplin Bowler Hat

5) Princess Beatrice Royal Wedding Hat by Philip Treacy

The Guinness World Records mentions about a world’s most coveted hat which was sold at an auction for a good amount of $133,703. It was so popular that even the people who knew nothing about hats where interested for this hat. It is known as “Princess Beatrice hat” and was designed by one Irishman Philip Treacy.

Princess Beatrices Hat

4) Deep Blue Sea

Sea by Ann Maree Willett is a one-of-a kind fashion accessory. Anywhere, anytime you can wear this hat without fail without feeling out of place! You are sure to get attention from everywhere around as well! The attention to detail and perfection was definitely kept in mind when making this hat, for it is made from hand-woven wool enhanced with 26 genuine feathers. This item was auctioned off on November 29, 2008 at Bonhams in Melbourne for a whopping $890,000.00!


3) Andy Warhol’s “Money Hat

The Dr. Robert Giller headpiece, featuring an Andy Warhol-designed pattern adorning an elaborate Russian wool cap, is estimated to sell for $800,000 to $1,200,000. The piece comes with a letter of authenticity from Andy Warhol associate and archivist Pat Hackett. Exhibited recently in three London auctions including Sotheby’s and Christie’s Contemporary Art Evening Sale, the headpiece features detailed attention to craftsmanship and design, recognized as particularly important in Warhol’s work.

Andy Warhol's Money Hat

2) Champrau d’ Amour

With a price tag of $2.7 million, the Chapeau d’Amour, created by celebrity couture designer Louis Mariette in 2004, is the most expensive hat ever created. Modeled by actress Alicia Witt at Christie’s London in 2004, the hat is made of woven platinum and covered in stunning diamonds. Inspired by ivy and bluebells, it was designed to hug and cradle the contours of the head.

Champrau d' Amour

1) The Pope`s Tiara

Today the Pope’s Tiara is proclaimed as the most expensive hat in the world with a price tag of $10 million. It is a headgear that is worn by the Pope, the bishop of Rome. This hat has been made with pure gold and precious stones such as diamonds and emeralds to show power and wealth. Every new Pope faced one of the most important decisions of their life when they assembled in Vatican City in August every year. A papal election was held to elect a new Supreme Pontiff. This function attracted many cardinals from all over the world, for the pope was not elected by a simple majority, but rather by two-thirds of those present—and only those two thirds generally were considered eligible for election. And once elected, each new pope wore one of the most expensive hats in history for he had no choice but to wear it!

The_Pope`s _Tiara

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