Why is Caviar so Expensive? Unveil Reasons

Why is Caviar so Expensive

Why is Caviar so expensive: the reason behind that is the more royal and rare food in the world. The Caviar is a tasty and full-of-protein product that can make anyone crazy. The Caviar of any fish is a rare product that cannot be easily available. There are a few kinds of fish that can produce caviar. Although Caviar is farmed, wild Caviar is more valuable and, therefore, more expensive.

According to the World Food and Agriculture Organization from the United Nations, the Roe of every fish cannot be Caviar. It requires some special surgeon to produce Caviar. Half of the sturgeons cannot produce Caviar because only female fish can be taken for their eggs. They take so long to reach the maturity period for laying eggs. That is why this procedure takes so much time and is difficult.

What is Caviar?

Caviar is a delicacy made from the Roe of the fish that should be sturgeon. But the question arises in everybody’s mind: why is caviar so expensive? It is because of its low supply and high demand. Caviar is a food consisting of salt roe that used to be eaten as spread or garnished by rich people.

This food gives you a very healthy and quality taste. Some species of special fish that can produce these eggs are called Caviar. It can also be defined as a roe of other fishes such as Salmon, trout, whitefish, paddlefish, and steelhead. While the eggs of every fish are called roe, they should only be from a sturgeon.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Caviar

There are plenty of factors that can affect the cost of Caviar. It is not common food that can only be available with limited resources. The price of caviar is more than any food budget. I would like to discuss some of the factors.

Rare in Market

Various kinds of rare fishes may affect the cost of Caviar. Sturgeon caviar, such as Beluga, Sevruga, and Osetra, is considered rarer and more expensive. The main reason for this rarity is that it takes a long time to mature and produce eggs.

They cannot easily be available at every seaside. You can find these fish from the Caspian and Black Seas. The eggs from every fish cannot be considered Caviar. Some species of sturgeon eggs can be considered Caviar.

Storage Expenses and Handling

The other main factor is the storage expenses. It is very expensive to store Caviar for a long time. It needs to be kept in the coldest place of the refrigerator for survival. The storage of the Caviar in the right way is best to preserve their taste and quality. It is important to keep its taste fresh and hygienic for the best experience.

The sturgeon takes a long time to produce more desirable and refined eggs. So you have to wait a while to get the best quality caviar. The sturgeon does not spawn annually but only once in a few years. These factors increase its rarity and make it more costly.

Labor and Expertise Cost

Caviar is a food that requires expensive techniques and extracting methods to produce. This method used a no-kill technique instead of killing fish to produce Caviar.

They got eggs from the sturgeon without harming them. This procedure is costly, but it works perfectly without harming and killing fish. In this way, you can save the species and increase their production.

Branding and Prestige

Caviar has become a brand because of its luxury status around the world. Its cultural relevance and historical significance have contributed to its status. Caviar has long been a favorite food of nobles and aristocrats, and its exclusivity and sophistication add to its appeal. Another factor adding to the reputation of Caviar is branding tactics.

Caviar has become popular with luxury firms, who use classy packaging, high-end branding, and clever marketing strategies to project an image of luxury and desirability. Many other factors make it more expensive.

Market Factors and Demand

The Caviar has become the brand for the richest society and uses it as butter on the bread. The demand for this product can be estimated by the global market report, which estimated it to be around $481.22 million in 2021.

According to the prediction, it would reach $667.42 million in 2027. These are some factors that make it more precious or expensive. The demand for this food is increasing with time, and supply remains limited.

How Much Does Caviar Cost?

Caviar is a famous delicacy for its rarity, royalty, and prestige, and its demand is so high because of its very low supply. The rarity of this food has made it more expensive or precious. The shocking price of this food is nearly $7500 per kilogram, which cannot be easily affordable for anyone. But the richest community uses it as butter on the bread for protein.

What Fish Does Caviar Come From?

Caviar is a rare food from wild sturgeon and can be commonly available in the Caspian or black sea. The Caviar can only be available from some kind of sturgeon and not in every fish’s eggs.

You can get this Caviar from special sturgeon fish such as steelhead, carp, Salmon, and lumpfish. These sturgeons take so much time to produce eggs because it takes a long period to reach their maturity level for laying eggs.

Why is It Considered a Luxury to Eat?

You can consider it the most costly food in the world. You have to pay thousands of dollars for this food. It is considered a luxury dish because of its rarity and excess of demand. These factors make its price so high that it becomes impossible for the common person to afford it.

Even if you have to pay $7500 per kilogram, it is a more precious and costly food worldwide. Some rich people can afford it for the best nutrient diets. The rich and snaky taste is full of protein, which you will need to pay for. There are different cuisines in Russia and Japan which are offering this dish.

Where Does Caviar Come From?

Caviar is a very rare food that cannot be easily available. According to the United Nations World Agriculture and Food Organization, the eggs from every fish cannot be considered the Caviar. It comes from special species of surgeon fish like Salmon, paddlefish, steelhead, and carp.

There are two main destinations where you can find these kinds of species: the black and Caspian Sea. Some species, like Salmon, come from the coldest countries, like Russia.

How to Store Caviar?

Caviar can be stored in cold places. You can keep Caviar in your refrigerator for preservation for a long time. The best thing is to place it in the coldest place of your refrigerator. Don’t keep Caviar at room temperature because it will expire in only two hours. Remember that this expensive food should not be frozen Because it can lose its taste and quality.

Mostly, the frozen Caviar becomes oily and mushy. To make it fresh, wash it with salt and place it in a vacuum. The seal should be tight, and it should be kept cool for freshness.

Types of Caviar

There are different types of Caviar from different sturgeon. I would like to discuss some of its types.


It is one of the world’s best and most expensive Caviar, ranging from $7000 to $22000 per kilogram. Beluga is mostly found in the Caspian Sea near the border of Iran, Azerbaijan, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Turkmenistan. This fish can also be available in the black sea. This Caviar is very tasty and buttery that easily melts in your mouth.

It can be eaten as a garnish or spread. The softness and taste of this food can make you crazy. That is why the quality of Caviar makes it more popular and expensive. The United States declared it illegal because of its endangered status. But recently, many countries have started their trade.

Osetra Caviar

Another best caviar is considered an Osetra that can be found in the U.S.A. It is like a golden pearl and has a rich and nutty flavor. This fish is giant in size, weighing 50 to 400 pounds. This animal can live up to 50 years, which enhances its value.

The Caviar from Osetra varies in various colors, from brown to Gold. After the Beluga, you can consider it the second-best and most expensive Caviar. You can keep it in the refrigerator under 4 to 6 weeks after opening the seal.


Sevruga is another kind of Caviar that is one of the most expensive varieties. It is well-known for its small and grey-colored eggs. This Caviar can be found in Caspian or surrounding rivers.

It is the smallest ever caviar-producing species with a weight of 150 lbs and 7 feet long. Sevruga eggs look like grey pearls and are smaller than other fish caviar. It looks more precious than other caviar with its pearl look.


Paddlefish commonly comes from the American surgeon. It can be found in South American lakes and rivers; if I talk about appearance, it looks like Sevruga. It is black and grey in color and crispy and light in taste. The Caviar is different in color and varies from green-gray to steel gray.


Salmon is another kind of Caviar that has the best quality and taste. These kinds of fish can be found in the coldest places, such as Alaska and Russia, like cold water.

The Caviar of this fish contains a very juicy and fresh taste. It looks like the large orange berries with fresh flavor. It is mostly available in Russian and Japanese cuisine and is known as Ikura. In Russia, it is used to be eaten with butter bread.


This article is based on why is caviar so expensive. Any fish caviar is an extremely rare commodity that is not easily accessible. The first is the fish’s individuality. The amount of fish available for collecting is already declining. The rarity of Caviar makes it more expensive.

The Caspian Sea native sturgeon species, Beluga, starlet, Kaluga hybrid, Ossetra, Siberian sturgeon, and Sevruga, are the principal producers of caviare. American white sturgeon caviar is widely available. The most expensive and scarcest comes from the beluga sturgeon that swims in the Caspian Sea, shared by Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Iran, and Russia.

Wild Caviar is more expensive due to its greater value. Second, because only the female fish may be harvested for their eggs, half of the sturgeon cannot produce Caviar. They also take so much time to reach maturity level when laying eggs.

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