Why Are Coogi Sweaters So Expensive? Find Out Ten Reasons

Why Are Coogi Sweaters So Expensive


If you have come across Coogi sweaters, they have a hefty price tag. But have you ever wondered why these iconic knitwear pieces are so expensive? In this blog post, we delve into the world of Coogi sweaters and uncover the ten key reasons contributing to their high cost.

From intricate design to high-quality materials and craftsmanship, we’ll explore the factors that make Coogi sweaters a luxury fashion item. So, if you are curious about the secrets behind the price tag of these unique sweaters, read on to find out why Coogi sweaters are so expensive.

Why Are Coogi Sweaters So Expensive?

Most people say that Coogi sweaters are known for their brand value, classic design, and gorgeous look. Coogi is a luxury brand that offers exclusivity, warmth, and loyal comfort to its fans. Celebrities like Snoop Dog, Bill Cosby, and Drake wore these sweaters in their live performance, making them luxurious and promoting their values; due to this, their brand value increased.

Coogi maintains its place as a Pop culture symbol, and this association puts it on a pedestal, which demands a healthy price. Coogi uses high-quality fabrics to make these sweaters soft to wear. Making these sweaters requires a high effort as they use a high-quality thread, and their stitching is hand-knitted.

Their design and style pattern is unique, which makes them stand out from a big crowd, and their style signifies the Australian culture from where the brand originated.

What is Coogi?

Coogi is a private industry that produces consumer goods. Its founder is Jacky Taranto, and its headquarters are in New York, NY. Its products are luxury, and its key people are Bruce Weisfeld, Jimmy Khezri, and Norman Weisfeld.

Its website is This brand gradually enhanced from its core sweater line, and the expanded line includes women’s and children’s T-shirts, dresses, dress shirts, jeans, handbags, footwear, sweatshirts, matching sweat pants, bathing suits, underwear, outerwear, etc.

Coogi type Expenses
Blackout Dress$575
Bayron Quarter Zip sweater $600
Southport Crewneck$600
Crunella Women’s Cardigan $575
Sunset Classic Zip Hoody$665
Robina Crewneck $600 

Coogi Brand History

Coogi is a popular and famous brand due to its colorful vintage Knitwear that was started in 1969, it was founded as “Coogi” in Toorak, Melbourne, Australia; in 1987 its label was renamed. In 1992, apart from clothing, it was registered as a trademark for producing textiles, toiletries, cosmetics, and furniture.

 In 1994, it took its place in the Urban culture because of Christopher George Latore Wallace, aka Biggie Small, aka Notorious B.I.G, who made it not only a garment that is demonstrative of his style but also a chance to gain incredible popularity. 

 In 1997, the lyrist also mentioned the name of the Coogi in the song “Hyptonize,” in which he raps, “Every cutie with a booty bought a Coogi.” In 2002, Tarantino decided to sell this brand to U.S. investors for $25 million; its label was purchased by Coogi partners and relaunched in 2014 by introducing new colors and product treatments; this brand focused on men’s sweaters and knitwear, where they looked at the vintage design and color of sweaters.

Reasons Why is Coogi so Expensive?

Coogi is expensive due to its creative pattern in Australian origins and is unbeatable in the fast-growing pop culture market. It is costly due to artistic elements such as diverse textures, brilliant shades of bright colors, and asymmetrical brandish shapes, and these characters give these sweaters an energetic melodiousness. The amount of dye imperative for knitting is full of rich ingredients, ultimately making the price high. 

Initially, the brand focused on producing sweaters for tourists, but with growing popularity, it planned to explore Australia’s culture to the world of comprehensive people. The basic materials and components are cool, so it requires a hefty price. 

It keeps its core elements into new and present 21st-century lines to win the choice of youth. From such a collection, one is labeled as “Reimagined”. It was costly due to its slender fit, advanced touch, and bold, iconic piece. It never goes out of style, and its brand values, notable stuff, and qualities in the fashion industry enhance its price and demand.

Luxury Brand

Coogi is considered a designer luxury brand with extraordinary layouts and designs people can afford regularly. This luxurious brand has enjoyed a steadfast market and global appreciation, and it is one of the nicest brands available for outstanding knitwear.

This brand quality is unquestionable; its popularity in the vintage niche can be judged, and consumers can buy sweaters from the official website. Pop culture references enrich its heritage.

Fabrics Quality 

During the production of Coogi sweaters, a highly qualified material is used, whether it is cotton, wool, or cashmere; the basic concept is to provide loyal comfort. The unique design is also hand-stitched using a high-quality thread, taking several hours to complete, and is a work of art worth. Pure fabrics are used to make these vibrant sweaters, which gives them ultra-soft, due to which brand cost is its worth. 

Coogi Unique Pattern

In Coogi brand values and popularity, its sophisticated and unique pattern is also key. Each of these sweaters has its personality due to intricate shapes, designs, and hidden messages collected by its faithful lovers. Its pattern is intended to convey and capture the exotic and rich Australian landscape.

The recognizable style of these sweaters is the multicolored fabrics, quality, and amount of dye used to make such a solid and attractive product, which contributes to its high price. Bright colors with different patterns of textured knits make it unbeatable in the clothing and fashion industries. 

Costly Manufacturing 

Coogi Sweaters are high-cost as the labor requires a highly intensive procedure to create them, using a variety of colours and yarns to gain a Coogi signature look. This whole process requires several days and most experienced knitters. This brand sources high-quality material from around the world, providing durability, unique texture, and a unique appearance to these sweaters.

The intricate weaving techniques and the material used in their manufacturing results and judge its high cost. In manufacturing these sweaters, natural material is used, which increases its cost. The embroidery of these sweaters is also unique and attractive, which makes them expensive.

Multicolor Combination 

Coogi sweaters are so expensive because of their multicolor combination. In the clothing and fashion trend, the Coogi brand is undefeatable due to the exotic colors of sweaters with different styles. The more exciting thing in the fabric industry is that these sweaters’ colors do not fade after washing, dry cleaning, and usage.

When you go for a marriage ceremony or a tennis match, to fulfill your fashion needs, you find a color that suits you. These multicolored sweaters make the style trendier and classy. Its proper maintenance and a rainbow of snarls and swirls make the price go high.

Perfect In Style

Coogi sweaters are perfect in the brand’s industry because their styles are abundant and usually highly expensive due to their superiority in material quality and popularity in the fashion industry. Its item’s signature and unique style make it stand out from the crowd and signify the Australian heritage from where the brand originates.

The Coogi brand is sometimes bound to multiple styles, creating varieties that fit minimalist and vintage styles. Considering there are lots of people with different styles and fashion choices, they make various types of sweaters that suit each person.

Classic fitting Layout

Coogi sweaters have a unique, distinctive, classic fitting layout focusing on aboriginal artwork of Australia, and its collection has created bold pieces that blend classic features with a slimmer fit and modern touch.

These requirements require the best fashion weavers and artists available with hefty payments. The materials that give a classic touch to these sweaters are pretty cool, and this is another reason that these sweaters are expensive.

A Fashion Trend 

Since the brand came into the fashion market, Coogi products have always been in trend, and Coogi has always been known because of its cultural trends. The popularity of this brand was going downwards in 2000 due to decreasing quality.

Still, after the joint venture with other clothing companies, the Coogi made a strong return as a fashion trend. As a result, this brand always keeps itself in trend. Fashion enthusiasts devote Coogi sweaters to such a precious look that these products carry a premium price tag. 

Celebrity endorsement

Coogi has maintained its place as a pop culture symbol with today’s top-rated celebrities like Snoop Dog, Riff Raff, and Drake endorsements. The big stars wore the clothing of this brand in their live stage performances, shows, and concerts, which enhanced its value and position in the brand industry even more and made it unbeatable.

In the old days, celebrities like comedian Bill Cosby and rapper Notorious B.I.G wore Coogi clothes in their studio performances or stage shows, which helped in the initial promotion of this brand, making its sweaters precious and expensive.

Collaboration with other brands

Coogi products are more costly than others; usually, when you buy a sweater from another brand like H&M, Puma, Adidas, and more, you will get it from a price range between $ 30 to $100, but as this is in your knowledge that Coogi is made of natural fibers and hand-picked embroidery. As a result, an average Coogi sweater ranges from $150 to $700, which is much more expensive than other clothing brands.

A typical sweater from Coogi has a price range between $400 to $600 while the other brands like H&M price range are $30 to $80, Uniqlo range is $50 to $150, Puma ranges from $100 to $150, Everlane has cost range in between $50 to $200, etc.

Costly Shipping

The fabrics and natural materials mainly come from Australia, increasing the cost of these sweaters as the company pays the import expenses, increasing the overall costs after manufacturing.

Suppose the company shipped their products from one country to another to increase sales or business. In that case, the entire shipping cost will be automatically added to the product price, making the Coogi products more expensive.

Coogi sweater price 

The typical cost of a Coogi sweater is considerable, and we’ll talk about various product pricing here. At $300, the kid’s Coogi cascade crewneck is made entirely of mercerized cotton. The limited-edition Coogi blackout crewneck, priced at $690, is an opulent, all-black textured weave with an intricate design.

The Zip hoody sweater dress is a brightly colored Coogi tribute, costing $665. On the official sites of the Coogi brand, you can view sweaters of various designs & vibrant colors, and the prices of these products can also be seen. 

Are Coogi Sweaters worth the price?

Coogi sweaters may be highly priced, but they are worth the price. Because of high promotions, marketing, and becoming luxurious, it never compromises the quality of its products. Coogi sweaters are worth the price if you want an original vintage look with perfect texture, quality, and bright colors that make you classy. 

Still, big stars wore Coogi brand products to look trendy, different, and elegant. This brand always aims to protect the retro traits and shows the culture and heritage. According to market trends, over half of the younger customers can understand the resale values when purchasing luxury items. Over several decades, this brand’s products have proven their resale values, and they also sell their products for average rates on sites like eBay and Etsy. 

How Coogi Sweaters are made?

On the official website of this brand, they described that the Coogi dress is made from fine cotton, blended wool, and plant-based material that contains natural fibers. This type of material always makes light and soft sweaters. That is why it is counted among the luxurious and popular brands with different varieties of sweater styles and other clothing products. 

Why is Coogi popular?

The popularity of the Australian brand continues among its lovers worldwide due to the bright color knits. Several artists wear Coogi sweatshirts, sweaters, knitwear, and other dresses, which have helped this brand gain popularity in the public eye.

However, the brand’s value, durability, and product quality prove why Coogi is popular. The price of Coogi products also reflects the brand’s desirability and popularity.


Coogi competes with luxury brands like Missoni, Gussi, and Puma to become a cultural icon. Coogi sweaters can be found on their official platform like POSHMARK, etc. If you want to buy a Sweater that gives you a vintage look, there is no doubt you should buy Coogi products that fulfill your style needs.

After looking over various reasons, we know why Coogi Sweaters are so expensive and their worth. By discussing these factors like “Quality fabrics, multicolor combination, unique pattern, perfect in style, classic fitting layout, fashion trend, celebrity endorsement, collaboration with other brands”, we can now say that Coogi sweaters are not expensive; these are worth the price.

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