Most Ratchet Asian Girl: Biography of Lovely Mimi

Most Ratchet Asian Girl

Who is the Most Ratchet Asian Girl?

Lovely Mimi is the Most Ratchet Asian Girl. She is very popular online because of her amazing nail art, which she showed off on social media and on MTV shows. She has been through some of the worst times of her life, but thanks to her spirit, she has never given up.

About Lovely Mimi

Lovely Mimi, or Myha Thi Luong, is a well-known Instagram personality, television personality, and nail salon owner with millions of global followers and supporters. She was born in Vietnam and immigrated to the US as a very small child with her parents, and the conflict in her homeland was the cause of their relocation from Vietnam to the US

Due to various circumstances, her mother and father split up, resulting in her classmates teasing her. Together with her friends, Beautiful Mimi was constantly bullied by her violent father. Most Ratchet Asian girls were born in Vietnam in 1990. She grew up as a child in the Philippines, and in 1993, she moved with her parents to the United States. She was from a middle-class family. She didn’t know about the latest fashions, and people often criticized her appearance.

She didn’t have an easy childhood. Before her parents left Vietnam for the United States, she lived in a refugee camp for a few years. They decided to move to Silver Springs. Before, the whole family lived in a one-bedroom apartment. Her dad was a pastor in Vietnam before he died in 2014. Mimi has one brother and five sisters. Her oldest sister is still living in Vietnam. 

Professional Life

Mimi dropped out of school and never went to middle school. She also couldn’t find a good job. But she was smart and talented, which never kept her from doing well. In Maryland, she owns a nail salon. She started to share this on social media, which got people’s attention. She was known as The Most Ratchet Asian Girl all over the world. Mimi owns five salons in Atlanta and is one of the best nail artists.

Lovely Mimi grew in skill and fame with each passing year, first garnering acclaim in her hometown and then gaining national attention thanks to her prolific use of social media, particularly Instagram, where she showcased her work to a devoted fan base.

TV career

In 2017, Mimi joined the MTV show on the second episode of the sixth season. Later, she moved to Atlanta and started working on a comedy show. Then she opened her nail salon, Ultraviolet Nail Lounge.

Marital Life

In 2010, Mimi married Remy Skinner, the man she had loved for a long time. He was also her supervisor. Jay and Juice are the names of their two children, and they also have a lovely and joyful family and a pet named Jefe.

Most Ratchet Asian Girls’ height and weight

Most Ratchet Asian Girl is about 5 feet and 1 inch tall and weighs about 70 kg, about 154 pounds.

Lovely Mimi Net Worth

Lovely Mimi’s net worth is expected to be $2 million in 2021. Her salon is her main source of income. But she also makes money from reality TV shows, Instagram ads, and YouTube videos. There are many people who follow her on YouTube, and her YouTube has different  videos, many of which have more than a million views. Women worldwide admire her work and are keen on visiting her salon to get their nails done.

Lovely Mimi is The Most Ratchet Asian Girl, and her uniqueness is getting much attention worldwide.

Most Ratchet Asian Girl Educational Qualifications

As a teen, she spent most of her time in places for young people who had broken the law. She dropped out of school before she could even finish middle school. So, she didn’t finish school as a teenager, but as an adult, she went to college and got her master’s there.

Lovely Mimi Career

She didn’t finish school and spent most of her time in a juvenile detention center because she was an alcoholic and acted out when she was young. No one thought she would do anything important, but her passion drove her to do that. She is now famous for her salon, Luong’s Lovely Nails. As her career grew, she set up an Instagram account where she regularly posted pictures of her work. Because so many people liked her work, she has more than 1.8 million followers on Instagram.

Nick Cannon, the host of MTV’s Wild ‘n Out, noticed her when one blogger called her the “ratchet Asian chick” by one blogger. Mimi made her television debut on the second episode of the sixth season in 2017. She relocated to Atlanta and began contributing to the comedy show. Also, she bought a nail salon with employees and named it UltraViolet Nail Lounge. She is regarded as the best nail technician in the country, and her business has expanded significantly. She is the proprietor of five salons in Atlanta.

Social Media

Mimi decided to join Instagram with the name “Mimi lovely nails” as her username because she knew how to be popular on social media. She then began sharing photos and videos on social networks.

She also made a second instagram account with the name “itslovelymimi” and started posting makeup, nail polish, and fashion tips on that account. She also advised buying clothes from reputable stores that help customers create their style. Millions of people started following her because so many helped her social media accounts become popular and helped her build her name.

Mimi knows how important it is to use social media to promote her nail shops. She has more than 7,000 posts, and millions of people follow her. She also started Tweeting in February 2016, but hers is the account with the fewest tweets and the fewest followers. As of this writing, she has 14 tweets and 2,962 followers. “Itslovelymimi.” On January 13, 2015, she joined YouTube with more than 300 videos, 1.28 millions subscribers, and 60 million views.

Mimi signed up for Instagram under the user name Mimi pretty nails. She showed off her business in a lot of videos and photos. So she became famous because she was the most famous Ratchet Asian. The contestants are judged on how well they use their ratchets and how much they know about the cultures of the different parts of Asia.

Most Prominent Ratchet Asian Ever

One author called lovely Mimi the ” The Most Ratchet Asian Girl.” This name came from something Nick Cannon, the host of the MTV reality show Wild’n Out, said. Mimi first stopped by in 2017, during the second season of the show’s last season. She has moved to Atlanta to measure, and a classical round-the-comedy show is happening now. 


People have fully understood The Most Ratchet Asian Girl by giving the information mentioned above to readers. All of this was about Lovely Mimi. She is a great role model for the young people of today. She had been through many hard times, but she got back up and made a good life for herself. She gives a lot of people deep ideas to think about.

She has been bullied and has been through many hard times. Now, a lot of people are following her. Hard work, dedication, and a positive attitude are all you need to look at every condition positively and do something better or even amazing with your life.


What is the full name of the lovely Mimi?

A.K.A. “Lovely Mimi,” Thi Luong Miyha. Vietnamese-American Thi Luong once ran a successful nail salon in Maryland.

Who was Mimi’s lovely husband?

She confessed, and Remy The Boss, her ex-husband, published a video of his own in which he discussed how Mimi “transformed” due to her celebrity.

With whom did lovely Mimi have children?

Lovely Mimi and her husband Remy have been married for seven years and are the parents of beautiful kids.

Who is the Love & Hip Hop Asian girl?

The Most Ratchet Asian Girl Mimi is a Vietnamese nail technician who works on social media and has a salon in the District of Columbia. Along with her ex-husband Remy Skinner, she has two kids.

What was Mimi’s source of income?

Mimmi is a successful businesswoman whose main income sources are her nail salon and MTV show.

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