Top 10 Most Expensive Lighters In The World

Most expensive lighters

A lighter is an object that emits light when fueled by a flame or other high temperature heat source, such as a spark. One of the most popular uses is to set fire to smoking material such as tobacco in pipes, cigarettes, or bongs in order to inhale the resulting smoke. Other materials can also be burned. Lighters are generally pocket-sized metal or plastic devices with an outlet through which the flame and bits of burning material are directed; a mechanism operated by the user triggers this. The German chemist Johann Wolfgang Dobereiner (1780 – 1849) designed first hand lighter in 1823. The first one was a hand-held device that relied on the sulfur within gunpowder to create a flame.

10) The Lighter of Gold – Dunhill Gold Apex Lighter

Dunhill Gold Apex Lighter

A gold Dunhill lighter is a style statement. This accessory is not the usual choice of many but dons an eternally classic appeal. The rich leather and the intricate detailing of this lighter make it worth every penny you spend on it. You might think that something so expensive burns only the most expensive cigars but that is not true as its flame can be used for consuming other things like cigarettes and cigars as well. If you want to impress then go for it but if not, then stick with something much more conventional. The lighter has listed as $13,000 in our most exclusive list.

9) The 90’s Best Lighter – The 1933 Zippo

The 1933 Zippo

Zippo was founded by George G. Blaisdell in Bradford, Pennsylvania, USA in 1932. In that era the lighter fuel was still very expensive so people wanted a windproof and waterproof lighter for their use. On the suggestion of Mr.Blaisdell who had a degree in marketing, a “zippo” lighter was designed. Its design went through several modifications and alterations during the development stage as per its demand. The present day zippo lighter has become so popular among the masses that it has replaced matches completely. This is mainly due to its reliability and wind resistant properties. The lighter with all its unique qualities of durability and toughness, has now achieved a cult status all over the world, especially with military forces where they are mandatory carried during combat missions by soldiers. Zippo lighters can be considered as one of oldest luxury possessions that could be passed on from generation to generation. It was dealt for $18000.

8) Cartier watch lighter

Cartier watch lighter

This is made from 18-carat gold, and engraved on the side is “CARTIER.” Inside, there is a piece of flint. When you open it to strike it, there are gold pieces placed between the top and bottom parts of the lighter. It has a rose gold chain that can be used for hanging the lighter at your waist. In this case, “quality speaks for itself,” It should have attracted customers to buy this lighter.

7) Faberge Jewelled and White Enamelled Lighter

Faberge Jewelled and White Enamelled Lighter

Handcrafted between 1908-1911, the Faberge Jeweled cigarette lighter was designed by pioneer Henrik Wigstrom. This elegant lighter was crafted in his signature style, the shape of which is a rectangle with rounded corners. The original design was ornamented with colorful enamel, bright gold and silver accents. In 2010, it sold for $30000 at Christie’s Auction House.

6) Cartier black enamel lighter with diamonds lighter

Cartier black enamel lighter with diamonds lighter

 The handcrafted Cartier Black Lacquer lighter is a timeless piece that every art lover would want. It is made out of platinum, handcrafted in Paris and decorated with 18k white gold and diamond detailing. Its outer surface is black enamel and the most attractive part of the lighter is its one side which is furnished with diamonds. The diamonds weigh 2.75 karats in total, making it a truly exquisite piece that was sold for $34,375 in New York in 2013.

5) Zippo Lighter 

Zippo Lighter

A few years back, the lighter produced by the famous American lighter manufacturing company– Zippo had managed to attract most of the world due to its bright gloss and a surprising touch of class. This product was introduced at a price of $37,600 and since then it has become a hot favorite among people of all classes. The most amazing fact concerning this lighter is that it has got all the basic qualities a top-quality lighter holds; it is certain that even a heavy user of a lighter would feel proud to own such a stunning piece of art as this Zippo brand water- and windproof lighter introduced back in the year 2007 on the 75th anniversary of their company, which is still being used by numerous royal personalities to help enhance their looks.

4) Faberge yellow enamel lighter 

Faberge yellow enamel lighter

With only one name on it, this lighter was named by the experts of the British Museum as “one of the ten best lighters in the world”. Di Vincenzo owns another lighter from the same artist and numerous others from this era. In good condition, this shows how sought-after such antiques can be. The lighter was sold for € 50,900 in 2011 and is now somewhere in Russia.

3) S.T. DuPont Ligne 2 Lighter

S.T. DuPont Ligne 2 Lighter

History was made when watchmakers from Cartier crafted the most expensive lighter in the world using fine metals and diamonds. This extravagant lighter, sold for $79,000; it took over ten years to develop and created a new record for the most expensive lighter ever sold. 

2) Russian silver table lighter

Russian silver table lighter

The Fabergé Imperial table lighter, 1902, was built in Russia by I. Pavlov, master from Christof Fabergé’s workshop in Petersburg. The silver lighter is decorated with a Maltese cross and a figure of an animal holding the tail with his hand at the top. In August 2012, a fire and a Fabergé Imperial table lighter were sold for € 106,250 at an auction house in New York. During this time, there were only four of these lighters that have been brought to the world.

1- Silver and jadeite lighter

Silver and jadeite lighter

In 2011, a windproof lighter categorized as the most expensive globally was sold at an auction for € 197,300. The green and gold lighter is a work of art with its exquisite design and is also both an ashtray and a functional item. The different colors contrast with each other, making it a great eye-catching part of the lighter. It’s one of the topmost lighters I have ever seen, and they could certainly deserve their name.


The lighter has been around for a long time, much longer than we think. It’s origins are completely lost in history, and the first lighters developed were more like flints. The first historic lighters were used on ships and in lighthouses to help signal rescuers that help was needed.

Metal lighters are nothing new. In fact, they were being manufactured in the UK and the USA long before disposable lighters were even invented. While the increase in disposable lighters undoubtedly led to a decline in metal lighter sales, we believe classic alternatives have a brighter future than ever before due to their long lifespan, individuality and vintage appeal. A study has shown that the number of smokers in both the UK and the USA has decreased over the last decade. This shows that as time progresses people are starting to realize the health hazards associated with smoking. Although lighters have not experienced a decrease in popularity, a study conducted by officials from the Corporation for Technical Co-operation and Research (or COTEC) in Poland has shown that a new lighter is able to produce an average of 800 degrees Fahrenheit (other products have reached even higher temperatures) which exceeds too many safety standards set by countries around the world. Therefore as you can see, although there are still many smokers.

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